$1 million Reward Offered in Gold Coast Cold Case Murders Linked by Red Car


Summary: Queensland and New South Wales police have announced a $1 million reward for fresh information regarding two cold case murders from 2002. The cases are believed to be linked by a red Toyota Celica seen at both crime scenes. The victims, bottle shop manager Iain Stewart Hogg and Mount Nathan man Frederick Hugh Rosson, were allegedly killed by the same individuals. The reward aims to encourage individuals, particularly from the LGBTIQ+ community, who may have information about the cases to come forward.

Detectives from Queensland and New South Wales police are offering a $1 million reward for any new information regarding two 20-year-old cold case murders. The cases involve the disappearance and suspected murder of bottle shop manager Iain Stewart Hogg and the fatal shooting of Mount Nathan man Frederick Hugh Rosson, also known as Charles “Slim” Johnson.

Authorities believe that Hogg’s red Toyota Celica, which has a distinctive appearance, was seen at the car park on Coral Street, Tweed Heads, where they suspect Hogg was killed. Witnesses reported seeing a flash and a loud bang, believed to be gunfire. Hogg’s body was allegedly placed in the Tweed River but has never been recovered.

Four days after Hogg’s disappearance, Rosson was shot dead at his property at Mt Nathan. Investigators believe that Rosson had met with two men who visited his property to view a firearm he had advertised for sale. The same red Toyota Celica, believed to have been stolen after Hogg’s murder, was seen at Rosson’s property. The vehicle was later found abandoned at Palm Beach six days later.

Detectives working on both cases, under the police operation named Alpha Caviar, believe that the same individuals are responsible for both murders. Acting Inspector Chris Elliott stated, “We are confident that the car used to access Mr. Rosson’s home was Mr. Hogg’s Toyota Celica, and we believe the same men were involved in each incident.” Authorities are urging individuals with any information to come forward and provide closure to the families of the victims.

Detective Acting Inspector Adam Bennett has appealed specifically to the LGBTIQ+ community and anyone who knew Hogg before his death in March 2002. Hogg was described as a very private person, and any personal information about him may assist in the investigation.

The joint $1 million reward from the NSW and Queensland governments is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in both murder cases. NSW Minister for Police and Counter-terrorism Yasmin Catley expressed hope that the reward announcement would encourage anyone with information to come forward.

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