91-year-old Ceramicist Sally Passes Down Art of Ceramics to 19-year-old Student


A 91-year-old ceramics master passes down her knowledge to a 19-year-old student, advocating for age confidence and bridging generational gaps through art.

Ceramics: An Ancient Art Form

Ceramics, also known as pottery, has been practiced since prehistoric times, offering a way to preserve history through hand-built and thrown vessels.

Passing Down the Art of Ceramics

Sally Hill, a 91-year-old ceramics master, has dedicated her life to working with clay and is passing down her knowledge to 19-year-old Eden, a student of sculpture.

Embracing Confidence with Age

Sally Hill shares her perspective on growing old, expressing how it has allowed her to become more confident in her abilities and to offer valuable wisdom to younger generations.

Bridging Generational Gaps Through Art

Eden, the 19-year-old student, reflects on the disconnect between generations and emphasizes the value of learning from an older expert like Sally, highlighting that it can help ease the communication barriers and bring understanding.