Adam Driver Stars in Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari’


Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari’ explores the life of Enzo Ferrari, played by Adam Driver, as he grapples with professional and personal crises in the 1950s.

Mann’s Fascination with Masculinity in Crisis

Michael Mann is known for his portrayal of masculinity in crisis in films like Heat, Miami Vice, Collateral, and Blackhat.

The Story of Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari, portrayed by Adam Driver, is depicted as a man obsessed with speed and success, filtered through a sense of impending doom. His 1964 autobiography is titled ‘My Terrible Joys.’ Set in 1957, the film shows Ferrari at a crossroads in his professional and private life.

Ferrari’s Professional and Personal Struggles

At nearly 60, Enzo Ferrari has built a successful company but faces financial troubles. His personal life is also in disarray following the loss of his son and revelations about a secret lover. His wife, Laura, played by Penélope Cruz, adds to the emotional tension.

The Wager on Mille Miglia

Ferrari decides to bet his fortunes on the Mille Miglia, a 1,000-mile race across Italy, in a bid to save his company and personal legacy.

Staging and Performances

Mann’s film features gripping racing sequences and attention to detail, while Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz deliver powerful performances that create an electric on-screen dynamic. Patrick Dempsey also stars as a race-car driver.

Reflections on Mann’s Approach and Legacy

While Mann’s focus on both the professional and the private aspects of Enzo Ferrari’s life is evident, the film struggles at times to find a cohesive balance between the thrill of racing and dramatic storytelling. However, as a reflection on legacy, the film offers an intriguing perspective, especially given Mann’s own extensive career.