Adelaide Crows Beat Sydney Swans in AFLW Semifinal


Anne Hatchard’s outstanding performance led Adelaide to a dominating 67-point victory over Sydney in the AFLW semifinal.

Adelaide’s Dominance

In the AFLW semifinal, Adelaide Crows secured a remarkable 67-point win against Sydney Swans at Norwood Oval. The standout player of the match was Anne Hatchard, who displayed exceptional skills with 37 disposals and two goals, leading her team to a remarkable victory.

Upcoming Preliminary Final

With this win, Adelaide Crows have advanced to the preliminary final, where they will face North Melbourne. The other preliminary final will feature the winner of Geelong versus Melbourne match against the Lions in Brisbane.

Midfield Dominance

Hatchard alongside her midfield teammates Ebony Marinoff and Danielle Ponter showcased an impressive performance, taking advantage of the ruck dominance by Jess Allan and Montana McKinnon. This domination allowed Adelaide to control the game, leading to a significant lead at halftime.

Adelaide’s Attack and Defense

In addition to midfield excellence, Adelaide’s attack, led by players like Yvonne Bonner, Chelsea Randall, and Jess Waterhouse, scored multiple goals, amplifying their team’s lead. Defensively, Adelaide maintained a strong hold, limiting the scoring opportunities for Sydney Swans.

Sydney’s Efforts

Despite the loss, Sydney’s Laura Gardiner, Ella Heads, and Chloe Molloy displayed commendable effort. However, they struggled to counter Adelaide’s dominance, particularly in the first half, where the Crows established a significant lead.