AI Startup Imbue Raises $12 Million in Follow-On Funding


Summary: Artificial intelligence startup Imbue has secured an additional $12 million in follow-on funding, bringing its total raised to over $210 million. Investors include Amazon’s Alexa Fund and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Imbue, an AI startup, announced that it has raised $12 million in additional funding in its Series B round, bringing its total raised to over $210 million. The funding was provided by investors including Amazon’s Alexa Fund and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. In September, Imbue had announced its Series B round of $200 million at a valuation of over $1 billion.

Imbue is one of the few companies with the financial resources to develop foundation models, AI systems trained on massive datasets that are capable of various tasks. The increasing popularity of generative AI is driven by developers like Microsoft-backed OpenAI. Imbue’s focus is on creating a model for autonomous agents, AI systems capable of performing complex personal and work tasks without close supervision.

The CEO of Imbue, Kanjun Qiu, emphasized the importance of creating AI systems with better reasoning capabilities to perform large-scale, real-world tasks. The ultimate vision is to reinvent personal computers to make them truly personalized. The company plans to use the funding to purchase computing resources and hire more employees, including a data executive and additional product-focused engineers.

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