Albanese Government Faces Challenges at Home and Abroad


Summary: The Albanese government is grappling with unanswered questions on Indigenous policy and a growing crisis in the Middle East.

The Albanese government is facing a challenging week as it deals with the aftermath of a failed referendum on Indigenous policy and the escalating crisis in the Middle East. With no clear answers on the way forward for Indigenous policy, the government is awaiting guidance from Indigenous leaders. Meanwhile, the opposition is seizing the opportunity to highlight the government’s uncertainty. On the international front, the government is trying to balance its support for Israel with the need to uphold international law in the face of the deteriorating situation in Gaza. The prime minister is carefully choosing his words to express support for Israel while calling for international law to be upheld. The escalating conflict in the Middle East adds another layer of uncertainty as the prime minister prepares for his official visit to the United States next week.

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