Alex Volkanovski Embraces Difficulty in Pursuit of UFC History


Summary: Alex Volkanovski, the UFC featherweight champion, is willingly taking on the challenge of facing Islam Makhachev for the lightweight title on just eleven days’ notice. By avenging his previous narrow defeat to Makhachev in their earlier super fight, Volkanovski has the opportunity to become the first Australian to win titles in two different weight classes. Despite giving up size, preparation time, and the home-ground advantage, Volkanovski remains unfazed, relying on his constant training and mental toughness. With a more aggressive and explosive approach, he aims to make amends and showcase his dangerous fighting abilities.

Australia’s Alex Volkanovski, the reigning UFC featherweight champion, has willingly accepted the challenge of facing Islam Makhachev for the lightweight title on just eleven days’ notice. This opportunity to avenge his narrow loss to Makhachev earlier this year presents Volkanovski with the chance to achieve a historic milestone for Australian MMA. If he emerges victorious, Volkanovski will become the first Australian fighter to hold titles in two separate weight classes.

In acknowledging the incredible difficulty of this task, Volkanovski has firmly embraced the challenge. He believes that the path to greatness lies in conquering the highest degree of difficulty. Despite the odds stacked against him and the numerous disadvantages he faces, including giving up size, limited preparation time, and the absence of the home-ground advantage he enjoyed in their first encounter, Volkanovski remains undeterred.

For Volkanovski, this fight is not just about redemption and rewriting history, but also about showcasing his unwavering dedication and mental fortitude. He recognizes that his constant training and years of hard work have shaped him into a fighter who can rise to any occasion, even at short notice. His ability to stay mentally and physically fresh, free from injuries and wear and tear that typically accompany a training camp, gives him confidence in his readiness. Volkanovski’s determination to always go the distance, even under challenging circumstances, is a testament to his unyielding mindset and superior fitness level. He approaches this bout with a smile on his face, excited for the opportunity that has come his way.

In preparation for the fight, Volkanovski plans to adopt a more aggressive and explosive approach. Having already defended his featherweight title with a dominant knockout victory over Yair Rodriguez, he understands the importance of making amends for his previous loss to Makhachev. The defeat lingers in his mind, as it is a constant topic of discussion among fans and critics. Volkanovski views this rematch as an opportunity to silence the doubts and prove his capabilities once again. He is eager to showcase his dangerous fighting abilities and take calculated risks in pursuit of a decisive finish.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead, Alex Volkanovski remains determined, resilient, and focused on creating a defining moment in his career. His willingness to embrace difficulty sets him apart as a true contender for UFC history.

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