Amazon’s Prime Video Secures Exclusive Streaming Deal for ICC Tournaments in Australia


Amazon’s Prime Video secures the exclusive rights to stream all ICC tournaments in Australia for the next four years, starting from January 2024.

Amazon’s Prime Video Exclusive Streaming Deal

Amazon’s Prime Video has signed an exclusive streaming deal with the ICC to broadcast all ICC tournament matches in Australia for the next four years starting from January 2024. The deal covers a total of 448 live international matches, including men’s and women’s Cricket World Cups and Champions Trophy.

ICAAnti-Siphoning Measures and New Partnership

The deal comes shortly after the Australian government reaffirmed its commitment to sport anti-siphoning measures, which aim to provide free-to-air services the first right of refusal for important sporting events. Geoff Allardice, the ICC boss, welcomed the partnership with Amazon, expressing excitement about the new four-year collaboration. The partnership will bring innovative coverage of world-class cricket to more fans in Australia.

Prime Video’s Future Plans

Prime members in Australia will have the opportunity to watch their favorite cricket teams and players compete for the game’s biggest prize on demand through Prime Video, exclusively, over the next four years. This will mark the first time Prime Video will have rights to broadcast cricket games in Australia. Hushidar Kharas, boss of Prime Video Australia and New Zealand, said that this partnership will allow fans to watch cricket on the device of their choice.