ARIA Issues Apology to Rapper Kerser for Awards Mix-up


The Australian Recording Industry Association apologized to rapper Kerser for implying he was at the ARIA Awards, which he had boycotted, and mistakenly featuring him on camera.

ARIA Apologizes to Kerser

The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) issued an apology to Kerser after mistakenly implying he was present at the 2023 ARIA Awards ceremony. The rapper had voiced his boycott of the event, accusing industry figures of hindering his career and criticizing the awards.

Mix-up During Best Hip Hop/Rap Category Presentation

During the presentation of the Best Hip Hop/Rap category, a camera shot of nominees incorrectly included Kerser, despite his absence at the event. This prompted a public outcry from the rapper, who expressed his dissatisfaction with the industry and the ARIA Awards.

Apology and Acknowledgement from ARIA

An ARIA spokesperson acknowledged the production error and apologized to Kerser, clarifying that it was not their intention to imply his presence at the awards ceremony. The association also expressed respect for Kerser’s decision to skip the event and apologized for the misunderstanding.

Acknowledgment from Award Winner and Kerser’s Response

Following the mishap, Genesis Owusu, the winner of the Best Hip Hop/Rap Award, acknowledged Kerser during his acceptance speech, expressing appreciation for Kerser’s contributions to Australian hip-hop. Kerser reciprocated the acknowledgment and urged fans not to direct their frustration toward Owusu.

Kerser’s Accomplishments and Impact

Kerser’s album ‘A Gift & A Kers’ achieved significant success, reaching #1 on the ARIA Album Charts and establishing him as an independent artist with notable achievements in the Australian music industry. His impact was recognized by ARIA CEO Annabelle Herd, who praised his career path and success as an independent artist.

Additional Highlights from the ARIA Awards

The 2023 ARIA Awards showcased notable wins for artists like Troye Sivan, G Flip, Kylie Minogue, and Forest Claudette. Notably, Genesis Owusu used his acceptance speech to address global issues, advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza and calling for collective action to address world crises.