Artist Turns Discarded Machinery into Gravity-Defying Sculptures


Summary: Jim Sauer has spent the past three years creating a unique collection of sculptures using rusted-out machinery. His sculptures, including cars, trucks, a plane, a boat, and bikes, are hoisted atop old power poles on his property. The collection has attracted attention from people all over the world, who come to marvel at the machinery madness. Sauer is still searching for a helicopter to complete his collection.

Jim Sauer has spent the past three years using discarded machinery to create an impressive collection of sculptures. Working on his South Kolan property near Bundaberg, Sauer has transformed rusted-out vehicles into gravity-defying works of art. The collection, consisting of cars, trucks, a plane, a boat, and bikes, is displayed on old power poles lining his property. Despite its remote location, the collection has gained international attention after being added to Google Maps. People from all over the world have made the pilgrimage to Sauer’s property to admire the unique sculptures. Sauer is delighted by the positive feedback and finds it inspiring to read the visitor book filled with signatures from visitors from Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and the Netherlands. At 83 years old, Sauer continues to add to his collection, with the latest addition being a bulldozer. The bulldozer was found nearby, purchased by Sauer, and towed back to his property. Sauer faced skepticism from friends about his ability to install the bulldozer, but he proved them wrong by building a dirt ramp and using six old power poles to create a sturdy frame. Each sculpture in Sauer’s collection is accompanied by a unique story. For example, he built the ‘bandwagon’ truck with two pianos, drums, and a guitar in the hopes of attracting an international singing star to the rural town. However, when Elton John was in Australia, he declined the offer. Sauer’s collection also includes playful nods to country singer Kenny Rogers, such as a sign made from an old pallet that says ‘You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel.’ Despite his impressive collection, Sauer is still on the lookout for a helicopter to complete his array of sculptures.

Tags: sculptures, discarded machinery, gravity-defying, art, remote location, international attention, unique stories, bulldozer, Kenny Rogers, helicopter