AstraZeneca Collaborates with Absci on Cancer Drug


AstraZeneca partners with Absci in a deal worth up to $247 million to develop an antibody to combat cancer using AI technology.

AstraZeneca’s Partnership with Absci

AstraZeneca, a renowned Anglo-Swedish drugmaker, has entered into a significant deal with U.S. AI biologics firm Absci to create an antibody for battling cancer. The collaboration, valued at up to $247 million, aims to leverage Absci’s AI technology for large-scale protein analysis to discover an effective oncology therapy.

Deal Details and Statements

The deal encompasses an initial fee for Absci, financing for research and development, milestone payments, and royalties on potential product sales. Sean McClain, the founder and CEO of Absci, highlighted the application of engineering principles to enhance drug discovery’s success rate and reduce development time. Absci utilizes generative artificial intelligence to craft optimal drug candidates based on factors like target affinity, safety, and manufacturability.

Lack of Specifics and Response

While AstraZeneca’s overarching focus on oncology is apparent, the specifics of the cancer type being targeted by this collaboration remain undisclosed. Additionally, neither Absci nor AstraZeneca immediately responded to Reuters’ queries for comments.