Australian Employees Struggle with Work From Home Expenses


A survey reveals 53% of Australian workers feel financial strain due to work from home expenses. While there are potential savings, employees are facing resentment over increased costs.

Survey Reveals Employee Financial Strain

A recent survey conducted by research agency McCrindle found that 53% of Australian workers believe they are incurring additional expenses when working from home, which they would otherwise expect their employer to cover. These expenses include items such as tea and coffee, electricity, home office equipment, technology devices, and internet/data costs.

Resentment and Financial Implications

The survey highlights a growing resentment among employees who are bearing costs that they feel their employer should be responsible for. This includes home office equipment, technology upgrades, and increased internet expenses. There is a belief that these expenses are being footed by the employee and are not being reimbursed by their employer. There is a need to address the financial implications of maintaining an effective remote work environment.

Tax Implications and Potential Savings

While some of these added work from home expenses can be claimed back at tax time, not everything can be claimed. A tax accountant recommends keeping track of all work-related expenses, no matter how small, to claim back at tax time. The survey also points out potential savings in travel, lunches, clothing, and childcare for remote workers compared to those working at the workplace.

Need for Employer Support

There is a growing demand for employers to cover certain work from home expenses such as home office equipment, technology upgrades, and health and safety requirements like an office chair. Researcher Mr. Chapman emphasized the impact of technology on productivity and suggested that employers should be responsible for covering certain costs to ensure effective work from home environments.

Tax Time Recommendations

To address the financial burden, employees are encouraged to keep receipts for all work-related expenses, regardless of their size, to claim deductions at tax time. It is also highlighted that determining items which can be claimed should align with the Australian Taxation Office’s comprehensive guide. With a shift towards remote work being preferred by a large percentage of Australian workers, tracking and managing these expenses becomes essential.