Australian Gymnast Georgia Godwin Adds Her Name to the Official Gymnastics Scoring System


Georgia Godwin, the Australian gymnast, has created a unique move on the uneven bars, which has been officially recognized and named after her in the global scoring system for gymnastics.

The Godwin Move

Georgia Godwin, a 26-year-old Olympic gymnast, has successfully introduced a new move on the uneven bars, which has been added to the international gymnastics scoring system. The move, named ‘the Godwin,’ was performed by Godwin at world challenge cup events in Israel and Croatia earlier this year. It involves a clear hip circle, forward to handstand with 1/1 turn (360 degrees) in a handstand phase known as the Weiler kip.

Recognition and Achievement

Georgia Godwin expressed her excitement on social media, stating that it was a dream come true to create a new skill and be the first person in the history of gymnastics to execute it in competition. As a participant in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 and a dual Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Godwin’s achievement adds to her impressive career. She joins a select group of Australian gymnasts who have had original moves named after them in the international code of points, including Trudy Mcintosh, Jacqui Dunn, Lauren Mitchell, and Mary-Anne Monckton.

Honour and Legacy

Godwin expressed her honor to stand alongside fellow Australian gymnasts in the history books and suggested getting a symbol tattooed to commemorate the achievement. This recognition comes in the wake of US gymnastics star Simone Biles having a fifth skill named after her in the international code of points for her Yurchenko double pike at a competition in Belgium earlier this year.