Author Michael Connelly Proud of Longest Running Streaming Character


Summary: Bestselling author Michael Connelly reflects on the success of his character Detective Harry Bosch, who has become the longest running character on streaming television. Connelly discusses the adaptation of his books to the screen, the future of the series, and the similarities between him and Bosch.

Michael Connelly, the bestselling author known for his detective character Harry Bosch, takes pride in the fact that Bosch has become the longest running character on streaming television. Bosch, based on Connelly’s book series, has aired seven seasons on Amazon and recently spun off into a new series called ‘Bosch: Legacy.’ Meanwhile, another one of Connelly’s characters, Mickey Haller from ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ has also been adapted for streaming on Netflix. While Bosch and Haller have crossed paths in the books, they are unlikely to do so on television due to their separate streaming networks.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Connelly discusses the challenges of adapting his books to screen, the limitless possibilities for Bosch on television, and the similarities between him and his famous character. Despite the changes in values over time, Connelly sees the adaptations as an opportunity to retell stories in a new way that keeps them fresh and exciting. He expresses his joy at seeing his creations come to life on screen and the satisfaction of having fans talk about his characters.

When asked about the future of Bosch and his other characters on screen, Connelly remains optimistic. With a rich collection of books to draw from, he believes there is still plenty of material for future seasons. Additionally, he reveals that the TV series, especially ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ has taken on a life of its own and explores stories that are not directly taken from the books. Some of these new ideas have even made their way back into Connelly’s writing. For example, a storyline featuring Maddie becoming a police officer was first introduced on the show before being incorporated into Connelly’s books.

In terms of similarities with Bosch, Connelly shares that they both have daughters who are the same age and have attended the same schools. This connection between his personal life and his character’s life has influenced their development and adds authenticity to their father-daughter relationships portrayed in the series. Connelly discusses how he draws inspiration from classic literature and his experience as a journalist to shape his writing and the character of Harry Bosch, who started out as a cop and an outsider.

As for the possibility of Bosch and Haller appearing together on screen, Connelly acknowledges the challenges of bridging the gap between Netflix and Amazon, as both streaming platforms are competitors. While it would be important for the characters to cross paths in the books, it seems unlikely that they will do so on television. However, Connelly remains content with having two successful TV shows and does not regret the decision to have them on different platforms.

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