Autonomous Trucking CEO Foresees Revolution in Freight Transportation


Summary: The CEO of KargoBot, a firm focused on autonomous trucking, predicts a revolution in the sector that will transform the way goods are delivered. The company already has more than 100 autonomous driving trucks on the road in China, with plans to commercially operate them in the next 10 years. The CEO believes that humans and technology will work together to augment the capabilities of drivers rather than completely replacing them.

The CEO of KargoBot, Junqing Wei, revealed at CNBC’s East Tech West conference in Guangzhou that a cargo mobility revolution is expected to occur in the next decade, leading to significant changes in the logistics industry. KargoBot, which was incubated by Chinese ride-sharing giant Didi for the past three years, already operates more than 100 autonomous driving trucks on routes in Inner Mongolia. These trucks have been successfully delivering goods, showcasing the potential of autonomous trucking in commercial operations. The logistics market, estimated to be worth over $1 trillion, presents vast opportunities for KargoBot, especially in delivering raw materials for manufacturing and factories.

Despite the promising outlook, Wei highlighted some challenges faced by autonomous trucks, such as herds of sheep and dust affecting visibility on rural roads, as well as the issue of toll stations causing disruptions for self-driving trucks. To overcome these challenges, KargoBot developed a ‘hybrid driverless solution’ that combines technology with human intelligence. In this system, Level 4 autonomous trucks run on their own but are guided by a human driver in the leading truck, ensuring safe operation of the fleet. This method has been successfully deployed in Inner Mongolia, allowing KargoBot to commercially operate over 100 autonomous trucks in the region. Wei emphasized that the goal of self-driving technology should be to augment human capabilities rather than replace them entirely, and this approach has been instrumental to KargoBot’s success.

The rise of autonomous trucking not only promises to transform the delivery of goods but also presents new opportunities and challenges for the industry. The CEO’s insights and experiences in Inner Mongolia provide valuable lessons for the future development of autonomous trucking.

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