Banker Fired for Expense Fraud Loses Lawsuit


Summary: A financial analyst who was fired by Citibank for fraudulent expense claims has lost his legal battle for wrongful dismissal. The judge ruled that the bank was justified in sacking him for gross misconduct due to his dishonesty in claiming to have consumed two meals by himself, when he had actually shared them with his partner.

Szabolcs Fekete, a financial crime expert working for Citibank in London, filed a lawsuit for wrongful and unfair dismissal after being fired for fraudulent expense claims. Fekete had claimed to have consumed two sandwiches, two coffees, and two pasta dishes during a business trip to Amsterdam in July 2022. However, during an investigation by the bank, Fekete admitted that his partner had traveled with him and that they had shared the meals.

Despite his admission, Fekete continued to insist that he had consumed all the food himself. He argued that the expenses were within the bank’s daily limit and that he didn’t have to justify his eating habits to that extent. Fekete also cited personal problems and health issues as reasons for his behavior.

However, Employment Judge Caroline Illing ruled in favor of Citibank, stating that the issue was not the amount of money involved, but rather Fekete’s failure to be truthful. The judge emphasized that Citibank values honesty in its employees and that the dismissal was a reasonable response by the employer.

The judgment, which was dated September 19th, was first reported by the Financial Times on Monday.

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