Biden Seeks Over $2 Billion Aid Package for Israel and Ukraine


Summary: President Biden plans to push for a substantial aid package for Israel and Ukraine, surpassing $2 billion. The package, which includes military equipment, aims to support Ukraine’s defense and help Israel combat terrorism. Biden will engage in talks with Congress to secure approval.

President Joe Biden is set to advocate for an aid package exceeding $2 billion for both Israel and Ukraine. The package, which will provide military equipment, seeks to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities and assist Israel in fighting terrorism. The White House national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, stated that the requested amount will be significantly higher than $2 billion.

Biden plans to engage in extensive discussions with Congress throughout the week to emphasize the importance of approving the aid package. However, progress has been impeded by the ongoing struggle within the Republican Party to select a new House of Representatives speaker after Kevin McCarthy’s ousting. This delay has hindered the advancement of related legislation.

To increase the chances of approval, Biden is considering combining the aid requests for Israel and Ukraine with potential assistance for Taiwan. This consolidation is aimed at addressing Republican calls to reduce funding for Kyiv. Sullivan confirmed that the budget request will encompass the necessary military equipment to safeguard freedom, sovereignty, and territorial integrity for Ukraine, as well as support Israel’s fight against terrorism.

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