Biden to Visit Israel and Jordan, Focused on Ground Offensive and Humanitarian Crisis


Summary: President Biden is embarking on a trip to Israel and Jordan to assess Israel’s objectives in its upcoming battle against Hamas and emphasize the urgency of providing aid to civilians in Gaza. In Tel Aviv, Biden will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss plans for a ground offensive to eliminate Hamas militants. He will also travel to Amman to meet with regional leaders and discuss the acceleration of humanitarian assistance to Gaza. The visit aims to demonstrate American support for Israel while preventing a wider regional conflict and addressing the growing humanitarian crisis.

President Biden is set to travel to Israel and Jordan to gain insight into Israel’s goals in its imminent confrontation with Hamas and emphasize the importance of delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. During his time in Tel Aviv, the President will engage in talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other officials regarding Israel’s planned ground offensive aimed at eradicating Hamas militants, who recently killed over 1,300 people during an attack on Israeli communities in the south. In Amman, Biden will meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss strategies for expediting humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

Biden’s visit to conflict zones this year, following his trip to Ukraine in February, carries some risks. The primary objective is to show unwavering support for Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s efforts, while simultaneously avoiding a broader regional conflict involving Iran, its Lebanese ally Hezbollah, and Syria. The United States has already stationed a carrier strike group in the eastern Mediterranean to demonstrate its support for Israel, and a second group is en route. Furthermore, President Biden is determined to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, where the Israeli bombing has reportedly claimed the lives of over 2,800 individuals in the past week.

The delivery of hundreds of tons of aid from various countries to Gaza has been delayed in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, pending an agreement for safe passage and the evacuation of foreign passport holders through the Rafah crossing. The President’s aim is to work alongside regional partners, including Israel, to ensure the provision of humanitarian aid and establish safe routes for the evacuation of civilians. White House national security spokesperson John Kirby emphasized these objectives in stating that Biden will make it clear that they are committed to working with regional partners, such as Israel, to facilitate humanitarian aid delivery and the safe evacuation of civilians.

Despite their differences on Middle East strategies, President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu have united in the face of war. President Biden has voiced strong support for Israel’s actions, while highlighting the necessity of preventing a major humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The upcoming face-to-face meeting between the leaders will provide an opportunity for private discussions regarding concerns and potential boundaries for the upcoming invasion of Gaza. Additionally, President Biden will receive an update on the hostages held by Hamas.

According to the State Department, 29 U.S. citizens were killed in the recent Hamas attacks in Israel, with 15 citizens and one lawful permanent resident still unaccounted for. Israel has pledged to eradicate the Hamas movement. Secretary of State Antony Blinken affirmed that President Biden will emphasize Israel’s right and obligation to defend its citizens from Hamas and other terrorist groups and to prevent future attacks. In discussions with Israel’s war cabinet, Blinken also confirmed that Israel will outline its objectives, strategies, and the measures it plans to take to minimize civilian casualties and ensure the flow of humanitarian assistance to the civilians in Gaza without benefiting Hamas. The United States and Israel have agreed to collaborate on a plan to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid from donor nations and multilateral organizations to reach the civilians in Gaza.

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