Billie Jean King Calls for Improved Tennis Scheduling and Consolidation of BJK Cup and Davis Cup


Summary: Billie Jean King urges tennis authorities to address conflicts in the schedule, particularly between the WTA Finals and BJK Cup Finals, and proposes merging the BJK Cup and Davis Cup.

Billie Jean King is advocating for better coordination in the tennis schedule to avoid clashes between major tournaments. She expressed concern over the proximity and distance between the WTA Finals and Billie Jean King Cup Finals, which led some players to choose one event over the other. King emphasized the need for all relevant organizations, including the International Tennis Federation and WTA, to collaborate and establish a more predictable calendar. She believes that decisions affecting player participation should be made well in advance. Conchita Martinez, tournament director for the BJK Cup Finals, echoed King’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of working together to find solutions. The announcement of the site for the WTA Finals and the timing of the event have been delayed in the past, causing difficulties for players. Concerns were raised about potential health risks and injuries resulting from tight schedules. Swiatek, Gauff, and Pegula, ranked among the top four in the WTA rankings, will miss the BJK Cup Finals due to their commitment to the WTA Finals. Martinez acknowledged the absence but highlighted the talented players who will still participate in Seville. Notable Grand Slam singles champions, including Vondrousova, Krejcikova, Stephens, and Rybakina, are expected to compete in the BJK Cup Finals. King also advocated for merging the BJK Cup and Davis Cup, promoting gender equality and collaboration in tennis.

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