Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith Steps Down, Replaced by Ex-Amazon VP Dave Limp

  • After six years as Blue Origin’s CEO, Bob Smith announced his departure via a company-wide email.
  • David Limp, former Amazon VP of devices and services, will replace Smith as CEO beginning in December.
  • Critics have expressed displeasure with Smith’s tenure, criticizing his conventional aerospace mindset within a company driven by new space visions.
  • Despite Smith’s successful expansion of Blue Origin’s staff, the company fell behind competitors, specifically SpaceX, under his leadership.
  • Limp’s new role will involve balancing the development of major programs such as the New Glenn rocket, the Blue Moon lunar lander, and the Orbital Reef space station, while continuing the scaling production of the BE-4 rocket engine and the New Shepard suborbital spacecraft.

Who is Dave Limp? Is the CEO of Blue Origin limp?