Bollywood’s Box Office Comeback, Dominated by Action and Masculine Narratives


Bollywood revitalizes in 2023, with record box office earnings driven by action films and toxic masculinity, sparking societal concerns.

Bollywood’s Financial Revival

After a pandemic-induced slowdown and dwindling audience interest, Bollywood made an impressive financial comeback in 2023, raking in a cumulative box-office earnings of $1.3 billion.

Blockbuster Films and Superstars

The year saw a mix of Bollywood hits, from larger-than-life spectacles to action-packed spy thrillers. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan emerged as a significant contributor to the box office success with movies like ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan.’

Toxic Masculinity in Bollywood

The year was marked by an overwhelming display of hyper-masculinity in Bollywood, often intertwined with misogyny and aggressive nationalism. This excessive, fantasized screen violence sparked concerns about its societal impact.

Societal Concerns and Public Discourse

The glorification of toxic masculinity and misogyny in Bollywood films raised concerns about their influence on the audience, especially in a country with a large young population. There are calls for steering public discourse towards more positive and empathetic portrayals of masculinity.