Boris Johnson faces scrutiny at COVID-19 public inquiry


Former UK prime minister Boris Johnson defends government’s COVID-19 response at inquiry, facing criticism and protests from families of the deceased.

Defending COVID-19 response

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended his government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic at a public inquiry, acknowledging that mistakes were made.

Apology and protests

During the inquiry, Mr. Johnson expressed personal responsibility for the decisions made, offered apologies to victims and families, but did not apologize for his own actions. His statements led to protests and signs of disapproval from families of COVID-19 victims present at the inquiry venue.

Reactions and criticisms from former colleagues

Former colleagues, advisers, and scientists criticized Mr. Johnson’s leadership and decision-making during the pandemic. Testimonies showcased the unflattering picture of the Prime Minister and highlighted issues such as a toxic culture within his government and alleged ignorance of scientific advice.

COVID-19 public inquiry and evidence submission

The public inquiry led by retired Judge Heather Hallett aims to investigate the UK government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This phase of the inquiry focuses on political decision-making, and Mr. Johnson has faced scrutiny for not submitting key evidence, including thousands of WhatsApp messages.