Breaking, Sports Climbing, and Skateboarding Make Debut at Pan American Games


Summary: The Pan American Games in Santiago will feature breaking, sports climbing, and skateboarding in an effort to attract new audiences and appeal to a younger crowd.

The Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, will make history by introducing breaking, sports climbing, and skateboarding into its program. These sports have gained popularity in recent years, with skateboarding and sports climbing making successful appearances at the Tokyo Olympics. Breaking, a dance form rooted in hop culture, will have both men’s and women’s contests, showcasing the athletes’ footwork, acrobatic movements, and ground level dancing. The sports climbing competition will include events such as speed climbing and a combined climb, testing the athletes’ flexibility, concentration, and grip. Skateboarding, which has captivated young sports fans, will feature street finals where athletes have 60 seconds to showcase their best tricks. The debut of these sports at the Pan American Games aims to engage a wider audience and provide athletes with opportunities to earn direct spots in future Olympic Games.

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