Bridgeport Mayor Denies Involvement in Absentee Ballot Fraud Allegations


Summary: Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim denies discussing absentee ballots with campaign volunteer accused of ballot stuffing.

During a court hearing, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim testified that he never had any discussions with Wanda Geter-Pataky, a campaign volunteer accused of absentee ballot fraud. Ganim also stated that he did not instruct his campaign staff to handle absentee ballots differently. Ganim narrowly won the mayoral primary with a margin of 251 votes, largely from absentee ballots. The results are being challenged by his opponent, John Gomes, who alleges absentee ballot fraud. Ganim expressed shock over videos released by Gomes’ campaign but stated he doesn’t know if Geter-Pataky mishandled ballots. The State Elections Enforcement Commission is investigating the allegations. Gomes is requesting a new primary. The controversy has gained attention on right-wing social media platforms.

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