Brisbane City Council Implements $400m Spending Cut to Maintain Rate Stability


Brisbane City Council, led by Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, will decrease its budget by $400 million in an effort to address inflation and minimize the impact on residents’ rates. The reduction, equivalent to a 10% decrease in council spending, will affect projects such as the Brisbane Metro and the Green Bridges Program.

The Brisbane City Council has announced a significant cost-cutting exercise, reducing its 2023/2024 budget by approximately $400 million. In an effort to maintain stable rates for residents, Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner defended the decision amid rising costs. The savings measures include a pause on the Toowong to West End green bridge project, a delay in delivering $5 million worth of shade on Victoria Bridge, and a reduction in the public art component of the Brisbane Metro line. Additionally, the council plans to cut spending on consultants, councillor ward budgets, advertising, and travel. However, permanent council employees will not be impacted, although there may be a reduction in spending on contractors.

While acknowledging that residents will be affected by the cost-cutting measures, Mayor Schrinner emphasized that the majority of local services will continue. He stressed the need to keep downward pressure on future rates and prevent residents from shouldering the burden. The council plans to thoroughly review the entire budget to identify further savings.

The average rate hike for Brisbane ratepayers in the 2023-24 financial year was 3.45%. Mayor Schrinner explained that his administration is grappling with increasing costs in various areas, including fuel, electricity, bitumen, and construction. Despite the challenges, the council assures residents that kerbside collection services will be maintained.

Labor’s lord mayoral candidate, Tracey Price, expressed concerns about the impact of the cuts on the community. She emphasized the importance of responsible decision-making and the need for a council that supports the community and addresses pressing issues such as the housing crisis and suburban congestion.

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