Carlyle Considers Sale of Every Man Jack, Valued at $400 Million


Summary: Private-equity firm Carlyle Group is exploring a potential sale of Every Man Jack, a men’s personal-care company valued at approximately $400 million. Carlyle has been in talks with investment banks to hire a financial advisor to oversee the sale process. Every Man Jack, which generates over $100 million in annual revenue, offers a range of grooming products made with naturally derived ingredients. The potential sale follows Unilever’s recent agreement to sell Dollar Shave Club. Carlyle’s decision to divest from consumer investments prompted the consideration of the sale.

Carlyle Group Prepares to Sell Every Man Jack

Carlyle Group, a private-equity firm, is reportedly exploring the sale of Every Man Jack, a men’s personal-care company that has an estimated value of $400 million. Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that Carlyle has been in discussions with investment banks to hire a financial advisor to manage the sale process. It is important to note that the deal is not finalized and could potentially not proceed.

Every Man Jack: A Leading Men’s Grooming Brand

Every Man Jack is a California-based men’s grooming brand that was founded in 2007 by Ritch Viola. The company offers a wide range of personal-care products including body wash, shampoo, beard care, shaving products, and skincare items. Every Man Jack distinguishes itself by using naturally derived ingredients in its formulations. The brand has experienced significant growth under Carlyle’s ownership.

Carlyle’s Decision to Divest from Consumer Investments

Carlyle Group recently announced to its staff that it would no longer be making new investments in U.S. consumer, media, and retail companies. The firm intends to shift its focus towards other sectors. This decision came prior to Carlyle’s consideration of selling Every Man Jack. Despite the change in investment strategy, the brand’s growth and success were cited as key factors in the decision to explore the sale.

Unilever’s Sale of Dollar Shave Club

Unilever, a global consumer goods company, recently reached an agreement to sell Dollar Shave Club, one of its men’s personal care brands. The buyer is private-equity firm Nexus Capital Management. This sale reflects the ongoing trends in the personal-care industry, with established companies divesting from certain brands to streamline their portfolios.

Every Man Jack’s Market Presence and Revenue

Every Man Jack has established a strong presence in the market, both online and through retail partnerships. The brand’s products can be found at major retailers such as Target and Walmart. Every Man Jack’s annual revenue exceeds $100 million, demonstrating its significant market share and consumer appeal.

Carlyle’s Other Consumer Investments

Carlyle Group currently has several consumer-focused investments in its portfolio. This includes Beautycounter, a popular beauty brand, and Compana Pet Brands, a company specializing in animal care and nutrition. These investments remain active despite Carlyle’s decision to avoid new investments in the consumer sector.

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