Yoga Guru Accused of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Gregorian Bivolaru, a spiritual leader in tantra yoga, has been arrested in Paris on charges of sexual abuse and exploitation, ending a six-year manhunt involving Interpol. The group’s ‘ashrams’ were allegedly used for sexual exploitation under the guise of spiritual practices.

Incentives and Challenges for Returning to In-Person Work

As the world begins to transition back to in-person work, employees are inclined to work remotely due to a desire for flexibility and work-life balance. Employers are facing challenges retaining workers who are resistant to working in the office and are struggling to introduce new incentives to boost employee satisfaction with in-person work.

Hmong New Year and Ancestral Spirits in the US

The Hmong community in the US celebrates the ‘Noj Peb Caug’ to honor ancestral spirits and preserve cultural traditions through rituals, ceremonies, and teachings for the younger generation.