The Sound of Cruelty

Jonathan Glazer’s new film, The Zone of Interest, uses sound to portray the Holocaust in an eerie and restrained study that never shows a single frame of the atrocity.

Mask-Wearing in America: A New Landscape in 2023 Holidays

As the 2023 holidays approach, face masks have become a part of everyday life in America, despite no widespread mandates. The reasons for wearing masks have shifted, and people now make individual choices based on specific situations.

Rodin’s Rival

Camille Claudel emerges as one of the greatest sculptors in 19th-century France, breaking free from the shadow of her mentor Rodin.

The 10 Best Albums of 2023

The music industry showcases the 10 best albums of 2023, featuring a diverse range of genres and styles from groundbreaking artists.