CEO’s New Year Message: Embracing Permavucalution


CEO Stew Pidd’s new-year message emphasizes embracing ‘permavucalution’ – a world of AI, climate change, and talent shortage.


In his new year message, CEO Stew Pidd discusses the concept of ‘permavucalution’ – a combination of AI, climate change, and talent shortage – and urges colleagues to embrace the challenges.

The Age of Permavucalution: Embracing Change

Reflecting on the uncertainties and disruptions of the past year, CEO Stew Pidd introduces the concept of ‘permavucalution’, emphasizing the need to adapt to three major trends: artificial intelligence, climate change, and talent shortage.

Artificial Intelligence: Embracing Change and Experimentation

The CEO highlights the drastic impact of artificial intelligence on businesses, urging employees to embrace and experiment with AI technologies, emphasizing the need to adapt to the changing landscape. He also announces the appointment of Denise Laplange to head the new Project for Rapid AI peRformance Improvement and Enhancement.

Climate Change: Corporate Responsibility and Social Engagement

Stew Pidd emphasizes the importance of corporate efforts to reduce carbon footprint and engage in conversations about climate change. He announces the launch of the company’s new #whatdoyousee? marketing campaign, encouraging employees to share their own reflections on social media.

Talent Shortage: Navigating Uncertainty and Embracing Change

The CEO stresses the need for the right type of employees who are adaptable and willing to take risks, highlighting the challenges posed by uncertainty and volatility. He encourages employees to think creatively and embrace change amidst talent shortages.

Embracing Humility and Collaboration

Stew Pidd underscores the importance of humility and collaboration, emphasizing the need to seek input and ideas from others. He encourages employees to embrace humility and collaborative decision-making to thrive in the age of ‘permavucalution.’

Looking Ahead to 2024

In conclusion, CEO Stew Pidd expresses optimism for the year ahead and encourages employees to tackle the challenges posed by ‘permavucalution’ with resilience and adaptability.