Challenges Faced by News Organizations in Handling Gaza War Videos


The flood of videos capturing the war in Gaza poses challenges for news organizations, while the use of tech and deep fakes complicates the verification process.

Importance of Online Video Analysis in Journalism

As access to the war in Gaza is limited for journalists, the influx of videos from various sources has become crucial for depicting the reality. News organizations like CNN and CBS News have formed teams to use data and technology for analyzing online evidence.

A Shift in Journalism: From Aftermath to Real-time Footage

Previously, news events were generally seen after the fact, but with the prevalence of smartphones, real-time footage has become the new norm. News organizations are now tasked with sifting through endless video sources like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Balancing Reality and Trauma in News Reporting

News organizations are continuously weighing the responsibility to convey reality against the concern that violent images may be too distressing for viewers. The repeated exposure to such disturbing content can desensitize the audience, although sometimes the ongoing portrayal of war itself becomes a story.

The Challenge of Verifying Online Content

The recent influx of fake images and misinformation related to the Gaza war highlights the need for journalists to possess strong sleuthing skills for analyzing video content. They also face the challenge of debunking falsehoods and distinguishing between real and fake content.

The Role of Open-source Reporting and AI

Open-source reporting, facilitated by organizations like Storyful, has become essential for making sense of the abundance of online content. Despite concerns about the potential impact of AI, its use in this war has been limited compared to the issue of old videos being misrepresented as current events.

Emotional Toll on Journalists

The emotional toll of watching distressing video content has become a growing concern for journalists. News outlets are now recognizing the need to address the mental well-being of their employees who face the daunting task of analyzing harrowing footage.