China to Permit Trials of Intelligent Connected Vehicles on Roads


China’s industry ministry announces the permission for road trials of intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) in specific city areas, focusing on achieving a leading position in the global ICV industry.


The industry ministry of China has disclosed its decision to allow the conducting of road trials for certain intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) in designated urban areas. China, being the world’s largest automobile market, has emphasized its strategic commitment to ICVs as it aims to establish a prominent position in the emerging global industry.

Policy Details

According to the ministry of industry and information technology, the trials will encompass levels 3 and 4 among China’s five classifications of autonomous driving. This expansion of ICV testing signifies China’s dedication to fostering advancements in autonomous technology and aligns with its aspirations to lead the international ICV sector.


The move to permit road trials for ICVs is a significant development in China’s pursuit of dominance in the global automotive industry. It reflects the country’s proactive approach to innovation and technology in the realm of autonomous vehicles, thereby positioning itself at the forefront of industry progress and competition.