China’s Q3 GDP Growth Expected to Slow as Government Races to Revive Economy


Summary: China’s economy is expected to have slowed in the third quarter due to weak demand, but increased stimulus measures may help achieve the full-year growth target.

China’s economy likely slowed in the third quarter, driven by weak demand and weighed down by a property downturn and high debt from infrastructure spending. To revive the economy, the government has introduced various measures including increased public works spending, interest rate cuts, and efforts to support the private sector. Economists predict that GDP growth in Q3 will be around 4.4%, lower than the 6.3% growth in the previous quarter. While recent data suggests some stabilization, experts believe that more measures are needed. Overall, economic growth is expected to reach 5.0% this year, in line with the government’s target, before slowing to 4.5% in 2024.

Tags: China, GDP growth, stimulus measures, economy, demand, property downturn, debt, infrastructure spending