Commanders’ Victory Over Falcons Boosts Confidence for Giants Game


Summary: The Washington Commanders’ win against the Atlanta Falcons not only ended their losing streak but also gave them a winning recipe they hope to replicate in their upcoming game against the New York Giants. Quarterback Sam Howell’s efficient play, throwing for 151 yards and three touchdowns without any interceptions, contributed to the victory. The defense also forced three turnovers, highlighting the team’s overall performance. Coach Ron Rivera praised Howell for his smart decision-making and ball protection. With the Giants struggling, the Commanders see this as an opportunity to improve their record and build on their recent success.

After a three-game losing streak, the Washington Commanders finally found their winning formula in a victory over the Atlanta Falcons. The team’s quarterback, Sam Howell, played a crucial role in the win with his efficient performance. Howell threw for 151 yards and three touchdowns, without throwing any interceptions. This type of error-free play is crucial for the Commanders as they aim to stack up wins and improve their record.

In addition to Howell’s impressive performance, the Commanders’ defense also played a significant role in securing the victory. They forced three turnovers against the Falcons, showcasing their ability to disrupt the opponent’s offense. Coach Ron Rivera was pleased with the team’s overall performance and highlighted the importance of momentum and energy in driving success. The Commanders are now looking to carry this momentum into their next game against the New York Giants.

Although the Commanders may not expect their upcoming opponents, Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor, to throw three interceptions like the Falcons’ Desmond Ridder did, they recognize the importance of ball protection. Howell’s ability to make smart decisions and avoid turnovers will be crucial in stacking up wins as the season progresses. The Commanders have a positive record of 2-0 when committing fewer turnovers than their opponents.

Coach Ron Rivera praised Sam Howell for his smart decision-making in the game against the Falcons. Howell not only protected the football but also delivered catchable passes. Rivera commended Howell’s ability to handle different situations and make sound decisions throughout the game. This level of performance will be crucial for the Commanders as they face the Giants.

Looking ahead to the game against the Giants, the Commanders are currently favored to win. The Giants’ recent loss to the Buffalo Bills, dropping them to a 1-5 record, makes this game appear winnable for Washington. Coach Rivera sees this as an opportunity for the team to improve their record to 4-3. However, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus and paying attention to the details, as there were still areas for improvement in their previous game. Rivera wants the team to continue doing the little things better and avoid repeating mistakes.

The Commanders’ defense showed promise in containing Bijan Robinson by deploying five defensive linemen on the field simultaneously. This strategy could be used again against the Giants, especially considering the team’s depth in the defensive line compared to the linebacker position. Coach Rivera believes that having an extra big body on the field impacts the opponent’s ability to run the football and allows the linebackers more freedom to make plays.

Despite Howell’s efficient play, he was sacked five times by the Falcons’ defense. This was an area of concern, as the Falcons had one of the league’s lowest sack totals coming into the game. The absence of starting left tackle Charles Leno due to personal reasons contributed to Howell’s sacks, but Rivera also acknowledged Howell’s need to get the ball out of his hands quicker to avoid unnecessary hits or sacks.

On the positive side, Jamison Crowder made a significant impact as the team’s punt returner. His 61-yard return against the Falcons was the longest the organization had seen since his 89-yard touchdown in 2016. This demonstrates Crowder’s value to the team and his ability to make key plays.

However, not all players had a positive week. Rookie cornerback Emmanuel Forbes went from starting the first five games of the season to being completely benched in the game against the Falcons. Coach Rivera sees this as an opportunity for Forbes to reset and learn from the experience. He believes that taking a step back and watching the game from a different perspective will benefit Forbes in the long run.

In terms of injuries, defensive linemen Daron Payne and Montez Sweat sustained minor injuries in the game against the Falcons. There were no updates on their status, but the Commanders will closely monitor their progress.

The key number from the game was Howell’s impressive quarterback rating of 119.7, despite completing only 14 of his 23 pass attempts. This showcases Howell’s efficiency and ability to make the most out of his opportunities.

Looking ahead, the Commanders must stay focused and not underestimate the New York Giants. Coach Rivera emphasized the importance of learning from previous losses and not taking any opponent lightly. With the Philadelphia Eagles, the defending NFC East champions, up next, the Commanders cannot afford to overlook any game.

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