Couple Gets Married While Stranded on the Eiffel Tower


Summary: A man’s proposal to his girlfriend turns into a wedding when they get stranded on the Eiffel Tower and an AP reporter captures the moment.

A man’s plan to propose to his girlfriend in a Paris garden is disrupted when they get stuck on the Eiffel Tower due to a climber. Deciding not to let the opportunity pass, the man proposes to his girlfriend on the tower. She says yes, and they get married while waiting to be rescued. The climber, who was found between the tower’s second and third floors, had a banner about American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish. This incident adds to the mis-adventurous week-long visit to Paris for an AP newsman and his wife, who were also evacuated from the Palace of Versailles due to a security scare.

Tags: Eiffel Tower, wedding, proposal, stranded, climber, romance, rescue, Paris, AP reporter, Billie Eilish