Deadly blast at Gaza hospital leaves hundreds of displaced Gazans dead


Summary: A blast at a Gaza hospital kills hundreds of displaced Gazans, marking the bloodiest incident in Gaza amid ongoing conflict with Israel.

A devastating blast at the al-Ahli Arab hospital in northern Gaza has claimed the lives of hundreds of displaced Gazans. The hospital, which was overcrowded with patients seeking refuge, suffered severe damage, hindering the response efforts of medical teams. Conflicting reports blame both Israel and Hamas for the blast, with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyehi calling it an attack by Israel, while Israeli Defense Forces attribute it to a failed rocket launch by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group. Widespread outrage and protests have erupted in various countries in response to the incident. The international community has called for the protection of healthcare facilities and civilians in the conflict. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed condolences for the loss of innocent lives.

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