Desmond Ridder and Arthur Smith Under Scrutiny After Disappointing Falcons Loss


Summary: The Atlanta Falcons faced a bitter defeat against the Washington Commanders, highlighting the concerns surrounding quarterback Desmond Ridder’s performance and coach Arthur Smith’s decision-making. Ridder’s three second-half interceptions were pivotal in the loss, further raising doubts about his ability to lead the team. Arthur Smith’s questionable coaching calls and communication breakdowns also contributed to the defeat. The Falcons’ revamped defense showed promise, but the lack of offensive support remains a pressing issue. With owner Arthur Blank’s playoff expectations, Ridder’s future as the starting quarterback becomes uncertain.

The Atlanta Falcons suffered a disappointing loss against the Washington Commanders, raising concerns about quarterback Desmond Ridder’s performance and coach Arthur Smith’s decision-making.

Ridder, who is in his first full year as the starting quarterback, has been struggling to perform at the expected level. His three second-half interceptions in the game cost the Falcons valuable opportunities to secure a victory.

These interceptions were not an isolated incident, as Ridder has committed three turnovers in a game twice within three weeks. His touchdown to interception ratio of 6:6 does not reflect the qualities of a successful NFL quarterback.

Coach Arthur Smith also faced scrutiny for his questionable coaching decisions during the game. His haphazard management on the sideline raised doubts about his ability to lead the team effectively.

While the Falcons’ defense showed promise, allowing only 193 total yards to the Commanders and sacking their quarterback five times, the lack of offensive support was evident. The Commanders capitalized on short fields and took advantage of Ridder’s mistakes to secure the win.

Owner Arthur Blank, who has expressed his expectations of making the playoffs after five consecutive losing seasons, faces a dilemma regarding Ridder’s future as the starting quarterback. With Taylor Heinicke on the bench, a quarterback with starting experience, and potential options in the 2024 season, the Falcons may consider alternative choices if Ridder fails to show improvement.

The Falcons will need to address their offensive shortcomings and improve their coaching decisions moving forward. Despite dominating in total yards, first downs, and time of possession, the team’s inability to convert opportunities into points cost them the game.

Looking ahead, the Falcons face challenging road games against Tampa Bay and Tennessee. While these opponents may not be formidable, Atlanta’s struggles away from home, with eight consecutive losses, present a significant obstacle to overcome.

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