Details Released About Fatal Dog Attack in Tasmania


Summary: A dog similar to a rottweiler attacked and killed its owner, while seriously injuring a woman in Tasmania. The breed of the dog has not been confirmed. The incident has raised concerns about dog attacks and the importance of responsible pet ownership.

A tragic incident occurred in Allens Rivulet, Tasmania, where a pet dog attacked its owner, a 66-year-old man, and seriously injured a 64-year-old woman. The local council revealed that the dog was similar to a rottweiler. Police were alerted by a neighbor who heard the commotion, but unfortunately, the man succumbed to his injuries. The woman was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition. The dog responsible for the attack was euthanized. The council impounded the other two dogs at the property. The incident has sparked a discussion on dog attacks and responsible pet ownership, with experts emphasizing that dog behavior is more important than breed. RSPCA Tasmania CEO, Jan Davis, urged owners to be aware of their dog’s behavior and triggers. She stated that breed-specific bans are not effective in preventing attacks. Dog-related injuries in Australia have led to thousands of hospitalizations each year. The breed of the attacking dog was not specified in the data. The National Rottweiler Council expressed condolences for the incident but cautioned against stigmatizing rottweilers, highlighting that misidentification can occur. They emphasized the importance of training and responsible ownership for all breeds. Tasmania Police is conducting an investigation into the incident.

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