Easy Lemony Chicken and Potato Traybake Recipe


As people ease out of the labor-intensive holiday meals, a simple yet flavorful one-pan lemony chicken traybake comes to the rescue. A quick 15 minutes of prep and just one pan to clean turns chicken and potatoes into a delicious meal.

The Perfect Post-Holiday Meal Solution

After the hustle and bustle of holiday cooking, a quick and easy meal is just what’s needed. The one-pan lemony chicken traybake offers a simple yet flavorful solution, requiring only 15 minutes of active work and minimal cleanup.

Recipe Inspiration

The recipe draws inspiration from the Italian-American classic, chicken Vesuvio, which traditionally involves chicken and potatoes with garlic, lemon, and oregano. In this version, these ingredients are combined on a baking sheet and roasted together in the oven, making for a convenient meal with maximum flavor.

Key Ingredients and Cooking Method

The recipe calls for bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs or breasts, along with unpeeled Yukon Gold or red potatoes, garlic, lemons, and fresh parsley. Seasoned with olive oil, dried oregano, salt, and pepper, the chicken and potatoes are roasted at 475°F. The roasted garlic and lemon juice are then used to create a simple yet delicious pan sauce, which is poured over the cooked chicken and potatoes.

Detailed Recipe and Cooking Instructions

The recipe, which yields 4 to 6 servings, involves tossing the chicken and potatoes in a seasoned oil mixture before arranging them on a rimmed baking sheet. The garlic is placed in the center to prevent scorching, while the lemons and potatoes are positioned around the chicken. After roasting for about 30 minutes, the chicken, potatoes, and lemon halves are transferred to a serving platter, with the garlic mashed into a paste. The lemon juice, water, and parsley are then added to the baking sheet to create a flavorful sauce, which is poured over the chicken and potatoes.


As the holidays come to an end, the one-pan lemony chicken traybake offers a practical and delicious way to transition into simpler meals. This recipe, with its minimal prep time and easy cleanup, provides a flavorful solution for those looking for a break from elaborate holiday cooking.