EE Launches EE ID Retail Platform to Expand Offerings


Summary: UK mobile operator EE aims to grow its retail business by launching a new sales platform called EE ID to sell gaming consoles and electronics to non-customers.

EE, the largest mobile operator in the UK, has announced the launch of a new sales platform called EE ID, which aims to expand its retail offerings. The platform will sell gaming consoles, tablets, and upgrade packages to anyone in Britain, regardless of whether they are existing customers. The move is part of EE’s strategy to increase brand loyalty and give customers more reasons to choose EE. CEO Marc Allera stated that the goal is to create more stickiness with the brand. Currently, EE is the largest retailer of smartphones in Britain. This comes as mobile network providers in the mature UK market are seeking new ways to grow their businesses in competition with other major players such as Vodafone and Three. EE also announced plans to offer an enhanced TV package by providing subscribers with Apple TV, aiming to attract customers by bundling broadband, mobile, and TV services.

Tags: EE, retail platform, gaming consoles, electronics, UK market