Elderly Hostage Taker in Post Office Prompts Police Response in Japan


Summary: Police surround a post office in Japan as an elderly individual holds unknown number of people hostage. Earlier, a shooting at a nearby hospital left two injured.

Hostage Situation Unfolds at Post Office

Japanese police are currently responding to a hostage situation at a post office in Warabi city. An elderly individual, believed to be in his 80s, is reported to be holding an unknown number of people hostage inside the building. Camera footage shows the suspect wearing a baseball cap and a white shirt under a dark coat, with what appears to be a gun attached to a cord around his neck. Local media reports suggest that two individuals were injured in a shooting at a nearby hospital, and the suspect is believed to be connected to this incident.

Evacuation and Police Negotiations

Authorities have urged residents in the nearby area to evacuate, and police have surrounded the post office building in response to the hostage situation. Media sources have reported that police are engaged in telephone negotiations with the suspect. It is believed that at least two women are inside the post office, and there may be around 10 post office staff members present. The suspect is also reported to be carrying kerosene.

Shooting at Nearby Hospital

Prior to the hostage situation, a shooting occurred at a hospital in Toda, near Tokyo. Two individuals, including a doctor and a patient, sustained minor injuries after shots were fired into a ground-floor room in the hospital. Witnesses heard shouts for help and saw a pool of blood inside the doctor’s office. The shooting is believed to be connected to the elderly individual involved in the post office hostage situation.

Rare Violent Incidents in Japan

Japan is known for its low crime rate and strict regulations on gun ownership, resulting in rare incidents of violence. However, recent years have seen an increase in violent crimes, including gun attacks. Last year, former prime minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated, attracting international attention. In April, a man threw an explosive towards Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and the following month, a man went on a shooting and stabbing spree that resulted in the deaths of four individuals, including two police officers.

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