EU Demands Meta and TikTok’s Efforts to Combat Disinformation in Israel-Hamas War


Summary: The European Union has called on Meta and TikTok to provide details of their actions in curbing illegal content and disinformation during the Israel-Hamas war. The companies must explain how they are complying with new digital rules to combat the spread of violent content, hate speech, and false claims.

The European Commission has formally requested that Meta (the owner of Facebook and Instagram) and TikTok explain the measures they’ve taken to reduce the risk of spreading and amplifying terrorist and violent content, hate speech, and disinformation during the Israel-Hamas war. The EU’s new rules, known as the Digital Services Act, require major tech companies to combat illegal content on their platforms under the threat of heavy fines. Photos and videos depicting the violence, along with false claims and misrepresentation, have inundated social media platforms.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton, the bloc’s digital enforcer, has issued warning letters to the three platforms as well as YouTube regarding the risks posed by the war. In his recent speech, Breton emphasized the need for platforms to be prepared for the risk of live broadcasts of Hamas executions. Meta and TikTok have until Wednesday to respond to questions related to their crisis response and until November 8th to address election integrity and child safety concerns.

If the companies’ responses are deemed unsatisfactory, Brussels may initiate formal proceedings against Meta or TikTok and impose fines for providing incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information, according to the commission.

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