EU Sets Deadline for Meta and TikTok to Share Information on Response to Israel-Hamas Conflict


Summary: The European Commission has given Meta and TikTok until Oct. 25 to provide information on their actions against illegal content and misinformation related to the Israel-Hamas conflict. Failure to comply may result in fines.

The European Commission has requested that Facebook parent company Meta and TikTok share information on their response to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The commission wants to know how the platforms have addressed the issue of illegal content and misinformation. These requests are made under the Digital Services Act, which aims to ensure internet giants remove harmful content. Both companies have until Oct. 25 to provide the requested information, or face the possibility of fines. Meta must also provide details on its measures to protect the integrity of elections by Nov. 8. If Meta and TikTok fail to respond by the deadline, they could be subject to penalty payments as a consequence. Under the DSA, companies found in breach could face fines up to 6% of their annual revenues.

Tags: European Commission, Meta, TikTok, Israel-Hamas conflict, illegal content, misinformation, Digital Services Act