Explosion Levels Arlington, Virginia, Home During Police Warrant Service


A suspect inside a home in Arlington, Virginia, fired a flare gun multiple times, leading to a massive explosion as police tried to serve a warrant.

Prelude to the Explosion

Hours before the explosion, a suspect fired a flare gun 30 to 40 times inside his home, drawing a significant police response in Arlington, Virginia.

Police Response and Attempted Warrant Service

Following reports of shots fired, officers went to the suspect’s home to investigate. They obtained a search warrant for the home and tried to make contact with the suspect, who remained inside without responding.

Explosion and Aftermath

As officers tried to execute the warrant, the suspect fired several rounds from what is believed to be a firearm inside the home. This was followed by a massive explosion around 8:30 p.m., causing flames and debris to be ejected into the air.

Impact and Response

The explosion led to the destruction of the duplex, with three officers sustaining minor injuries. The fire was eventually brought under control, although the cause of the explosion remains unknown.

Community Reactions

Residents in the area were shocked by the explosion. One individual claimed to have heard it from a distance of over 2 miles away, while another likened the impact to a tree falling on their house.

Ongoing Investigation

Authorities, including the ATF and federal fire investigators, are working to determine the cause of the explosion.