Fatal Incident on UK Barge Housing Asylum-seekers


An asylum-seeker has died on the Bibby Stockholm, a moored barge used to house migrants in the UK. This has led to a police investigation.

Tragic Death and Police Investigation

A tragic incident has occurred on the Bibby Stockholm, a barge accommodating migrants, off the south coast of England. An asylum-seeker has passed away, prompting a police investigation initiated by the British officials.

Controversy Surrounding Bibby Stockholm

The Bibby Stockholm, which was repurposed to house migrants awaiting asylum decisions, has faced criticism and controversy. Earlier this year, it was evacuated due to the discovery of legionella bacteria, leading to concerns about the safety and living conditions for the 40 men aboard the vessel.

Human Rights Concerns and Safety Issues

Advocacy groups for migrants’ rights have voiced strong objections to the conditions on the barge, highlighting its prison-like environment and the potential harm it poses to individuals who have endured persecution and torture. Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman had defended the safety of the barge, despite ongoing protests and legal threats related to fire safety.