Fire Breaks Out in Adelaide Hills Supermarket, Shoppers Evacuated


Summary: A Woolworths supermarket in Adelaide Hills was engulfed in flames, leading to the evacuation of shoppers. The fire caused thick smoke and resulted in road closures, but there have been no reported injuries. Firefighters are working to contain the blaze and determine its cause.

A fire broke out at a Woolworths supermarket in Adelaide Hills, forcing the evacuation of shoppers on Sunday afternoon. The fire caused thick smoke to envelop the area, leading to road closures. The Country Fire Service and Metropolitan crews were called to the scene, with around 85 firefighters battling the blaze. No injuries have been reported. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but there were reports of aerosol canisters exploding before the firefighters arrived. The CFS spokesperson stated that the area surrounding the supermarket has been cordoned off due to the smoke. Fire crews will remain on the scene for an extended period. While the supermarket suffered significant damage, nearby businesses and critical infrastructure were saved. The impact on the community and the duration of road closures are yet to be determined.

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