First Repatriation Flight from Israel Lands in Sydney


Summary: A chartered repatriation flight carrying 222 Australian passengers has arrived in Sydney from Israel, marking the first flight since the outbreak of war in the Middle East country. The Australian government has organized five flights from Tel Aviv since Sunday, with over 1,400 registered Australians leaving Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Qatar Airlines flight QR7424, with 222 passengers, landed in Sydney at around 6pm on Tuesday after departing from Dubai earlier that day. Some passengers will take domestic flights to reunite with their families, while others will be accommodated in hotels. Another chartered flight is scheduled to depart from London and arrive at Kingsford Smith Airport on Wednesday night. The Israeli-Hamas conflict began on October 7, prompting the Australian government to arrange repatriation flights. Israel has responded with air strikes and a siege on Gaza, and there are concerns of a potential ground operation. The death toll has surpassed 4,150, with over 1,400 casualties in Israel and over 2,800 among Palestinians, while more than 14,000 people have been injured. Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong stated that more than 1,400 registered Australians have already left Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. No additional flights from Tel Aviv were scheduled for Tuesday. The Department of Foreign Affairs is providing updated advice to Australian families in Gaza on options for leaving.

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