Five Eyes Intelligence Chiefs Warn Against China’s Intellectual Property Theft


Summary: In a joint statement, intelligence chiefs of the Five Eyes countries accuse China of intellectual property theft and using AI for hacking and spying.

The intelligence chiefs of the Five Eyes countries – the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – issued a rare joint statement accusing China of stealing intellectual property and utilizing artificial intelligence for hacking and espionage. The chiefs made these allegations after meetings with private companies in Silicon Valley. FBI Director Christopher Wray described China’s actions as an unprecedented threat to global innovation. The officials emphasized that China was engaging in a wide range of methods to target businesses and obtain trade secrets. In response, the Chinese government emphasized their commitment to intellectual property protection. This is the first time the Five Eyes members have publicly united to condemn China’s intellectual property theft. Mike Burgess, the director-general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, stated that the Chinese government is engaged in the largest theft of intellectual property in human history. The Five Eyes statement echoes their previous warning in May about a Chinese spy operation targeting critical infrastructure and other sectors.

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