Florida International Defeats Sam Houston in Double Overtime Thriller


Summary: In a thrilling double overtime game, Florida International University (FIU) emerged victorious with a 33-27 win over Sam Houston. Keyone Jenkins led FIU with a 25-yard touchdown pass to Kris Mitchell in the second overtime.

Florida International University (FIU) secured a hard-fought victory over Sam Houston in a double overtime game. The two teams were evenly matched throughout the contest, with FIU holding a 17-10 lead heading into the final quarter. However, a clutch field goal by Chase Gabriel in the closing seconds sent the game to overtime tied at 20.

In the first overtime, Sam Houston managed to take a 27-20 lead with a touchdown run by Noah Smith. But FIU’s Jenkins responded with a 1-yard touchdown run to force a second overtime. It was then in the second overtime that Jenkins connected with Mitchell on a 25-yard touchdown pass, ultimately sealing the win for FIU.

Jenkins had an impressive game, completing 26 of 38 passes for 190 yards. On the other side, Sam Houston’s quarterback, Keegan Shoemaker, threw for 306 yards, including two touchdowns and one interception.

This victory brings FIU’s season record to 4-4, while Sam Houston remains winless at 0-7. Both teams showed determination and resilience, making for an exciting game that went down to the wire.

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