Former Disney TV Exec Expands Youth Sports Platform with New Partnership


Former Disney TV executive Ben Sherwood, now the founder of MOJO Sports, aims to improve the youth sports experience through a new partnership with TeamSnap, bringing live game streaming and coaching resources to millions of users.

The Journey of Ben Sherwood, Founder of MOJO Sports

Ben Sherwood, a former Disney TV executive, found his passion for youth sports while coaching his son’s baseball, soccer, basketball, and flag football teams. After leaving Disney in 2019, he aimed to bring the magic of Disney to youth sports and launched MOJO Sports, a consumer-facing app. Now, MOJO is being acquired by TeamSnap, a sports management platform, with hopes of scaling up the platform and enhancing the youth sports experience for players, families, and coaches.

New Partnership Aims to Supercharge the Youth Sports Experience

TeamSnap’s acquisition of MOJO Sports is expected to bring MOJO’s coaching resources and live game streaming to TeamSnap’s millions of users. The platform’s coaching materials, virtual player cards, and live game streaming, along with the support of NFL star Russell Wilson, aim to make youth sports more enjoyable for players, families, and coaches. The partnership also seeks to address the issue of dropping out from sports due to lack of fun and ineffective coaching.

The Business of Youth Sports

The youth sports market is a multibillion-dollar industry, capturing $37.5 billion globally with an estimated 60 million young athletes involved. With private equity firms investing billions of dollars into the youth sports market, there is a growing interest in expanding and enhancing youth sports products and experiences. Parents in the U.S. spend an average of $883 per year for each child’s sports commitments, totaling up to $30-40 billion annually, making youth sports a significant part of the sports industry.

The Future of Youth Sports

Amidst a pandemic slump, the youth sports market is heating up, attracting attention from investors and technology platforms aiming to revolutionize the industry. The goal is to reduce attrition rates and improve the overall youth sports experience, recognizing the significant financial and emotional investment that parents make in their children’s sports activities.