Former Missouri Detective Who Killed Black Man Loses Appeal and Faces Arrest


Summary: A white former detective in Missouri who fatally shot a Black man in 2019 lost his appeal of his conviction. Judges have ordered his arrest.

Eric J. DeValkenaere, a white former detective, has been found guilty of second-degree manslaughter and armed criminal action in the shooting death of 26-year-old Cameron Lamb. The judge ruled that the police were the initial aggressors and had a duty to retreat, but DeValkenaere used deadly force instead. Despite support from the state’s Republican attorney general, an appeals court panel unanimously upheld the conviction and ordered DeValkenaere’s arrest. The attorney general’s office, which typically defends convictions, is reviewing the decision. The former detective had claimed self-defense, but the judge determined that there was no probable cause for the officers to believe a crime had been committed. There were rumors of a potential pardon or clemency from Republican Governor Mike Parson, but his spokesperson stated that the situation is still being assessed.

Tags: Missouri, conviction, shooting, arrest, appeal, police brutality, racial injustice